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Classified Portal Development

Classified Portal Development Bangalore, India

The popularity of classified ads online has increased over time. There are many websites that cater to this need by displaying ads for various items under categories. They can not just be about items but also jobs, services, and other such offerings. They have become extremely popular today since they are easy to use, have great deals displayed and also have direct links to merchant sites. The additional benefits offered by them include easy payments through various online wallets and subscriber-based special offers.

If you are planning to create and run a classified ads portal, you have come to the right partner. Jayani Infotech has been in the business of providing customers with specially executed classified portal development suiting their needs. Some are developed and transferred to customers and some are maintained by us in-house.

We have the design, development and execution capabilities to run all types of classified portals catering to various types of geographies, languages, and usage. Our team of developers and coders have excelled in creating bespoke portals for various businesses and have been running with minimum outages and issues.

Classified Designing and Development Services Bangalore, India

It is important to note that as with functionality, the design is a crucial element of classified portals. It is necessary to showcase ads in an attractive manner and the website should be easy to use. Jayani Infotech has a team of web developers who have been creating developing websites for over 10 years now and have hands-on experience with the entire process.

Here are some of the features we offer with the classified portals

1.Easy to use design interface

2.Functional and attractive ad design

3.Gallery design

4.Messaging system developed for buyers and sellers

5.Admin control for easy editing of categories

Jayani Infotech believes in simplifying the process of both buying and selling on these portals. The clutter that has been created online by subpar design and development of many such classified portals has lead to users being vary of them. We have created portals that are some of the most popular in this sector. The way we have achieved this is via simplifying the design, making the portal load faster, easy to navigate and also made the payment gateways easy to use.

All of this has made us one of the top choices for the classified ads portal development service provider from Bangalore India. We have been ever-present in servicing our clients with the best of support and maintenance.

Classified Designing and Development Services Bangalore, India

We are able to do what most other agencies are unable to do- ease the process of design and development of classified ads portals. Since it requires a lot of functionalities and processes, most agencies are able to only cover a certain few amounts of processes and not able to deliver on the full package. Jayani Infotech has hence invested in building a team that is able to handle the full processes involved with the development of these portals. Our clients are able to enjoy the full benefits of such an expert team with cost efficiency factored in too.

Partner with us to develop and deploy state of the art classified advertising portals that are able to deliver high quality deals to users.

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