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Digital Marketing Agency Bangalore India

For Ecommerce Websites

As India moves into the digital age at breakneck speeds, the penetration of e-commerce shopping has exploded. Millions of customers are purchasing goods and services directly online and this market is set to bring in billions over the next few years. The competition has hence increased multiple folds and this has made advertising for e-commerce highly difficult and problematic. The results from digital campaigns for most e-commerce setups have been negative and have affected the performance of many companies in the country.

 If you are an e-commerce company and are looking to capitalize on the trend of increased online buying, you should partner with Jayani Infotech to build a good digital marketing campaign structure. There are specific reasons for this. We are a premier and long-standing digital marketing solutions provider for some of the largest e-commerce companies currently running in India. We have been able to put together and execute brilliant campaigns for them from time to time which has improved their brand presence and recall.

Digital Marketing Company for E-commerce Bangalore India

The use of digital mediums for e-commerce campaigns has increased dramatically over the past few years and is reaching the point of saturation. To beat this, our campaign management team creates innovative concepts that utilize various networking channels to maximize its reach and scope. From creating breathtaking visuals to advertisements that don’t get skipped, Jayani Infotech has been able to combine the powers of creativity and timing to maximize the reach of e-commerce websites and brands.

Since the competition is exceptionally high, you need to create an identity for yourself in the market. This is where our creative team steps in. They create an individual presence to your brand that is highly approachable and memorable. This is important in today’s noisy market where you are competing with brands that may or may not stay in business for long.

E-commerce Digital Marketing Agency Bangalore India

To step up the heat, paid campaigns are an essential part of the mix. Unlike many other service providers, we do not throw money on keywords and wait for the magic to happen. We invest time and patience in the entire process. It takes the effort to see results and our team has the efficiency to get the job done. We ensure that there are good returns from the money you invest in paid campaigns through strategic planning and execution.

To stand out today in the e-commerce sector, you need to have a strategy that encompasses all available digital marketing mediums and platforms. We include all of them in the right mix and ensure that there is maximum scope for all of your messages to reach the prospect at the right time at the right place.

Collaborate with us to maximize your e-commerce reach and push potential clients into a full time paying customers with our bespoke digital marketing campaigns.

For Real Estate Websites

One of the hottest markets in the country and all around the world is real estate. It is highly competitive, has high margins and buying parties are extremely picky. Marketing for digital marketing is one of the toughest forms of marketing today. It takes a lot of dedication, creativity and aggressive marketing to get good leads when marketing for real estate.

Jayani Infotech has been providing digital marketing services for major real estate companies in India for over 6 years now. Since we understand the competitive nature of the market, our digital marketing team for real estate is comprised of some of the best advertising professionals and digital marketing veterans. They combine to form and create an exceptionally convincing copy and digital marketing materials that are eye-catching and showcase your deliverables in the right manner to the right audience.

We employ the right mix of digital marketing tools, creative and timing to reach your target audience at the best possible time. This is a very important aspect of digital marketing and requires a lot of experience to execute well. Our team comprises of campaign managers who have decades of experience in digital marketing and work towards creating the right flow for your campaigns.

With the ever-expanding real estate sector in India, you need to partner with the right digital marketing service provider to stay relevant and present in the minds of customers and prospects. For this, we at Jayani Infotech have formulated and created some of the best real estate campaigns in the country for large firms. You can work with us effectively to penetrate into the prospect’s mind to create the right image to showcase your properties and projects.

Digital Marketing Agency for Real Estate sites Bangalore India

What you get with Jayani Infotech Real estate digital solutions-

1.Collective experience of decades in marketing for real estate firms

2.Knowledge of all platforms

3.Campaign management for higher penetration

4.Usage of best platforms for highly targeted campaigns

5.Campaign managers for efficient processing and easy workflow

Above all this, you will be working with one of the most successful digital marketing services providers for real estate companies and this badge is not easily earned. Partner with us for running effective advertising campaigns for your real estate business.

For Matrimonial Websites

Matrimony is one of the most popular sectors in India and it has moved online over the past decade. Internet savvy consumers are moving towards websites and apps to find the perfect match. The competition has increased exponentially and stayed relevant difficult and taxing. Throwing money into the mix isn’t going to help without direction and situational awareness. To maximize your returns and create loyal customers, you need to have an aggressive plan to net customers and keep yourself in business.

Digital marketing for matrimonial sites is one of the best services offered by Jayani Infotech. Along with creating and executing highly efficient websites, we also run campaigns that are well thought out, tasteful and brilliant in execution. For this, we have created a team of professionals who are well versed in digital platforms and understand what works and what doesn’t. This knowledge is crucial for success.

Digital Marketing Agency for Matrimonial sites Bangalore India

Pushing the envelope when it comes to creating creative campaigns is highly important in today’s competitive environment. Jayani Infotech provides you with digital marketing services for matrimonial sites in India that are designed to resonate with potential customers in the right manner. It takes a lot of planning, knowledge, and resources to truly convert these prospects. Firstly, it is necessary to find the right prospects and then capture their imagination. This needs research and extensive knowledge of the market and how it operates.

Jayani Infotech has been in the business of digital marketing for various sectors for many years now. We have successfully executed large format campaigns and highly targeted campaigns for various clients. It has seen high rates of success because of careful planning, creative understanding and aggressive usage of the right platforms. The success rate has always been high for us because we understand the value of research and optimized execution.

You can reach and convert the right prospect only if you know who they are. This is why we always have the research team ready to provide campaign managers with data that allows them to create and deploy campaigns that have a higher chance compared to non-research backed campaigns.

From creating fantastic templates for emails to ads that are tempting and inviting, the Jayani Infotech digital marketing team is always ready with the best for you. This is why we are one of the top rated digital marketing service providers for matrimonial websites in India.

Join us to create and run brilliant digital marketing campaigns for your matrimonial website that bring in customers and improve your brand image and presence.

For Health and Wellness Websites

India has a fledgling booming economy for the health and wellness sector. There are many well-known health and wellness centers in the country that not only cater to the local population but also international health tourists. It is a favorable destination today for longer periods of stay to sort of health niggles or just for rest and recuperation. The Ayurveda and yoga retreats in the country are globally acknowledged for their potential to heal chronic illnesses that have become common today due to lifestyle changes and work stress.

The digital medium is used tremendously to reach out these tourists to enable them to learn more about the services offered by these providers. You need to have a steady partner who has vast experience in the field to set up and guide your health and wellness brand online. It takes significant knowledge and resources to gain traction within this sector as it is highly competitive and aggressively priced. Brand reputation is of prime importance for this.

To create and maintain a suitable brand presence and reputation online, you need a team that understands how the system works, what customers are looking for, how your competitors work and how you can use all available resources to create a clear channel of communication with your prospects. Even if competitors try to poach them, they will remain loyal to your brand. This is the manner in which we create and deploy campaigns that are not just about graphics and colors, they have substance and convey the right message to them.

Jayani – Digital Marketing Company Bangalore India

Jayani Infotech has a full team of digital marketing professionals and experts who are well versed in creating the right atmosphere for prospects to interact with your brand. We conduct research campaigns and surveys to understand and gauge the interest levels of prospects and use the information gleaned from it to create bespoke campaigns that are highly targeted. 

Aggressive competition is the reality of this sector and you need to showcase your value proposition to your customers in the right manner in the right place. Our team of specialists has knowledge about how this process works and how much significance needs to be given to certain platforms and how they work best for you.

Invest in Jayani Infotech to extract the best from digital marketing assets for the health and wellness India sector and improve your brand’s presence online.

For Travel and Tours Websites

India is a land of wonders and travelers come from far and beyond to take in its sights and sounds. The travel and tourism industry is a large one here and brings in millions of dollars into the economy. Digital enablement of travel and tourism portals is a necessary step towards enabling easier access to tools and services easier for tourists. Today, the Indian digital space has filled up with both local and international providers vying for attention. It is critical to have a digital marketing program in place to gain brand awareness and bring in leads.

To get ahead with digital marketing for travel and tours India, you need a competent digital marketing partner who is capable of leveraging all available platforms to bring in leads and create a space for themselves. Jayani Infotech has been at the forefront of placing travel and tours service providers onto the digital market. We create websites and run digital marketing campaigns for some of the largest service providers today.

They have placed their trust in use not because we have the resources to manage these campaigns, but because we bring in positive results at a steady rate for them. This is not an easy task as there is extreme competition within the sector. It takes meticulous planning to reach the right prospect at

the right time. From geo-specific campaigns and language enabled advertisements, we are able to tap into the right place and hit the specific interest groups.

Digital Marketing Services for Travels and Tours Bangalore India

Finely tuned campaigns are not just a good way of improving lead generation; it improves brand presence and recall. This is extremely important for the industry as travelers don’t have time to search for deals and offers and they usually go to websites they already have trust with. So, for this purpose, we work on all aspects such as the creation of the prospect, easy access to your tools and services via apps and fast processing and payment options.

Jayani Infotech will not just improve your digital marketing presence, it will step up your brand management process with ORM and social media monitoring. Social media is one of the most commonly used mediums for interaction by internet savvy tourists. We have specialized agents who are ready to reply and help prospects/customers with whatever queries they have. We also look for customer queries online which may not be brand specific. This allows us to net their interest and introduces your services to them.

We ensure all your web collaterals are up and running all the time so that prospects do not have any trouble accessing them. For this, our team of engineers works relentlessly to maintain maximum uptime. Our digital marketing team for travels and tours India has one of the most experienced team member formations for aggressive and smart marketing.

Invest in Jayani Infotech to extract maximum benefits from the travel and tours industry in India and gain an exponential increase in good quality leads and business.

For Educational Websites

The education sector in India is one of the largest in the world and provides high-quality education not just for Indian students but also for foreign students too. There are many large universities that are world renowned and offer exceptionally high standards for education. Another important observation is that these have all shifted online because both students and parents are online. Digital marketing for education sites is one of the most highly competitive arenas today. There are hundreds of service providers for this function but let us assure you that quality is not always guaranteed.

For this, you need a dependable service provider who has the ability to understand your business model, find the right customers and pitch your value proposition to them at the right time. We run and maintain marketing campaigns for education sites for many top service providers in the country today. They have been our partners for a significant amount of time because we deliver consistency in leads and have created a carefully crafted brand presence for them online, despite the competition.

With a solid background in running campaigns for education sites, we understand how the market responds to different types of campaigns. This is crucial to gaining loyal customers. The timing is important too. Random emails are never going to be of any help to your brand. They need to be created and deployed at the right time with the right content. This requires great amounts of research and understanding. This information gathered is used effectively to net customers.

Digital Marketing Services for Educational Websites Bangalore India

Enhanced digital marketing presence is only possible by creating a set of customers who will be your loyal ambassadors. For this, a user experience is important. We craft and deploy campaigns that are specialized in their input, content, and creativity. This generates interest and brand recall. Our long-term plans are always in play when we are working on one single campaign. This is the best way to create awareness and brand recall. Creating and deploying campaigns just for the sake of it is a strict no from us. The educational sites and the campaigns we run for them are a testimonial to our excellence in creating brands that are memorable and exciting.

Collaborate with us to improve the results of your digital marketing campaigns for your educational sites with us.

For Lifestyle Websites

The economy of India is growing at a phenomenal pace. It is currently the fastest growing economy in the world and creates billions in revenue every single day. It has created a class of citizens who have good spending power and are willing to invest in a good lifestyle. The lifestyle market in India is a massive one and has amazing potential. Digital lifestyle brands are plenty today and they offer the discerning customer a choice of multiple products that suit their budgets. One of the most common factors here is brand loyalty. Most customers are loyal to particular brands and they purchase a significant share of their products from there. To create these loyal customers isn’t easy in this ecosystem. It is highly competitive with multiple brands pouring in large amounts of money into advertising campaigns. This means that you need to have a creative as well as a consistent approach towards digital advertising for lifestyle.

Jayani Infotech has worked with a number of lifestyle brands in the country and has been able to run successful marketing campaigns for them. We specialize in creating one of a kind campaign that encapsulates emotions, feelings and brand values in the most humane manner possible. This is the tried and tested method and has shown us glorious results.

Digital Marketing Services for Lifestyle Websites Bangalore India

With the rapid changing attitude of customers and them becoming increasingly choosy about the brands they interact with, it is highly important to understand that well researched and carefully designed campaigns are the most important aspect of digital marketing services for lifestyle India. Response rates will only go up when your campaigns are highly personalized. To achieve high levels of personalization, in-depth knowledge of customers, their preferences and choices are crucial. Jayani Infotech has a team that takes pride in the manner in which they extract this valuable information for you. Our campaign creators and managers then use this information to create campaigns that are close to the heart of customers.

 Collaborate with Jayani Infotech to take your digital marketing efforts for lifestyle India to the next level and create an army of fans for your brands.

For Entertainment Websites

The entertainment sector in India pulls in large amounts of revenue for production houses today. The film industry in India is one of the largest in India and interest levels in actors and actress is very high compared to the rest of the world. There are millions of Indians who go to the cinemas on a weekly basis for their fix of entertainment. Ticket bookings have gone digital and this has created a new channel of business for service providers.

To stay afloat in this highly competitive economy, a digital marketing plan needs to be set in place with a partner who has ample experience. Jayani Infotech has been catering to the needs of many businesses working in the entertainment industry in India. We have created memorable digital marketing campaigns for them that are crafted by some of the most ingenious creative minds. We have a full team that is backing up your digital marketing needs and execution. With millions of prospects waiting to be reached, careful planning and execution are vital to survival. Using the right platforms and creating the right campaigns for these platforms is important and provides you with you much-needed visibility.


Digital Marketing Services for Entertainment Websites Bangalore India

Jayani Infotech has been providing digital marketing services for some of the most esteemed production houses in the country for over 5 years. We have created brands that never had any digital marketing presence before that. This is due to concentrated efforts and smart marketing strategies. We begin with strategy creation for the brand. Execution is one of the last aspects of the process according to us. Without research and ample time is given to developing campaigns, the results will forever be abysmal. This is the reason our team invests significant amounts of time in research and development of campaigns.

We create a roadmap for the brand and dedicate milestones for this. Working towards these milestones is the best way to capture the attention of the market. Brand recall is a by-product of this. Coupled with consistency and emotional campaigns, Jayani Infotech is able to deliver superior results for your brand.

Join forces with Jayani Infotech and launch and run campaigns that are perfect for bringing a smile on your customers face.

For IT and ITES Websites

The IT and ITES sector in India is currently a sunrise sector but it has managed to create some of the largest companies in India. It has also led to the creation of many jobs for Indians due to their skills and education. IT and ITES marketing come with its own set of challenges. There is a lot lesser competition here since it is closer to being a B2B business model than a B2C one and this has its benefits and roadblocks too.

The time it takes to capture a single customer can be considerably high and this makes the process a long drawn one. Lead nurturing requires good resources, well thought our collaterals and consistent messaging based on the stage of lead generation. For this, you need a partner who needs the right levels of experience in this sector. Jayani Infotech has partnered with some of the largest IT and ITES service providers in the country today. They were all small players when they started and we have been able to build their brands and bring in leads that have generated millions of dollars in revenue for them.

A long-term process is the best way to ensure that digital marketing for IT and ITES India can be a success. Campaigns need the right level of creativity and situational awareness for them to see success. You need brand managers and campaigns generators who have a significant amount of experience within the sector. Our team has been assembled with a lot of thought. With the right mix of experience and talent, Jayani Infotech is able to leverage the right platforms with aggressive marketing campaigns that are perfectly timed for maximum results.

Digital Marketing Services for IT and ITES Websites Bangalore India 

When you collaborate with us, you get not just a good and reliable partner; you also get the full power of the experience of the team that has been running campaigns for some of the best service providers in the country. This is not an easy mix to find and we take pride in offering this to you. With carefully calculated moves at the right time, we keep interest levels high and active within your prospects and pour in efforts to see that they come into your business circle as paying customers. We also run campaigns for existing customers because as with any business, we have understood that current customers, when nurtured well, give your business faster and more than newer customers. This is just one of the many levels of experience that we have gained by providing digital marketing services for IT and ITES India service providers.  

Join us today to run superior lead generation campaigns for your IT and ITES business model and rope in highly valued clients.

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