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Ecommerce Solutions Bangalore, India

The hottest and most competitive section of business online today is that of eCommerce. Some of the largest retailers in the world are e-commerce websites and this only means that the competition is exceptionally high. You need to have the perfect e-commerce setup to net high volumes of sales. Jayani Infotech is a provider of e-commerce solutions in Bangalore, India and we have been servicing some of the largest names in the industry currently.

Taking commerce online isn’t an easy task. From the visual aspect of displaying products in the right manner to set up the security aspect of the entire operation, e-commerce platforms require specific sets of skills. We have been creating and maintaining high-end installations and projects that have brought huge amounts of success for our clients. We help in creating eCommerce platforms of all shapes and needs, be it a small business or a major business house.

Defined and Refined Ecommerce Website Designing

Your eCommerce website will be up for all types of analysis and introspection. It needs to be built to last the rigors of today’s highly demanding prospect. It should be fast, efficient, easy to use and get its user the exact specific thing they are looking for in the shortest possible time- or else it is business lost. How do we know this? We have been in the thick of things when it comes to e-commerce ventures. From the very first step of domain registration to execution and full-fledged site uptime, we have been providing eCommerce website designing for many years now.

We have seen its meteoric rise and have understood what it takes to survive the relentless onslaught of competition and challenging prospects.  All of these experiences and learning come to play when we dedicate ourselves to creating websites for you. From using the latest technology to understanding the buyer journey, Jayani Infotech is able to leverage all possible information that is available through intense research and analysis. We understand the importance of research and how it can help and impact design and development. These talents can be utilized to create and deploy a powerful e-commerce experience to your clients.      

Economical and Viable Ecommerce Solutions in Bangalore

What you get from Jayani Infotech e-commerce suite

  • Custom built eCommerce platform
  • Usage of current and up to date tech
  • Security parameters are set at the highest possible level
  • Payment gateways secured with best in class providers
  • SEO services specifically for e-commerce
  • Content and display themes are optimized for easy reading and higher conversions
  • Full support and service applicable

Your eCommerce venture is itself going to give you sleepless nights. Don’t add to it by collaborating with a shady provider. With the right credentials and a client list of the best in the country, Jayani Infotech has what it takes to take your e-commerce portal all the way to success. With a team that not just contains engineers and designers, we have senior digital marketing experts who provide valuable tips on how to go about structuring and designing your portal, what technologies work well in which scenario and what types of digital marketing campaigns can be run for higher results.

Top Magento Development Company in Bangalore, India

Magento is one of the most popular web-based application that is used today to develop e-commerce platforms. It is so popular that over 25% of the world’s e-commerce websites are using Magento software. This includes some of the largest and best in business. This only shows how much in demand this application is. If you are planning on deploying Magento to your website, it is wise to work with a partner who has had immense experience in this field. A basic knowledge is not enough to make sure it gives you results.

This is where Jayani Infotech comes into play. It is one of the most popular and highly regarded Magento Development Company in India. With many years of experience dealing with the application, finding its true depth and reach, understanding where it lacks and where it can be used well, we bring to your talent, experience and a work ethic that delivers superior results.  

What you get from our Magento package

  • Best infield e-commerce experts
  • Certified Magento application developers
  • Full-fledged design and engineering team
  • Optimization from web SEO experts
  • Testing and analysis available
  • Security and support team

We believe in providing value to our clients as we as a company are definitely looking at improving our growth. The only way to do this is to provide what the client needs in the best possible manner with the best tools available. Magento expertise is not just a learned one. You need to be hands-on with this software. It has taught us a lot about what works and what doesn’t and this experience will come in handy for our clients who will see increased effective e-commerce websites and lesser downtime and bugs.

Preferred Magento e-commerce development Company

Being one of the industry leaders in digital marketing tool development and execution, Jayani Infotech has been able to provide customized and highly driven tools that are designed with specific targets in mind. This requires close collaboration between client and developers. We have a team of seasoned industry veterans who have created a niche for themselves by creating and working on superior software that is able to provide the right results to customers.

To become the preferred Magento development service provider in Bangalore, we have delivered top quality projects with a significant amount of success attached to it. Our turnaround times are fixed and within the stipulated time. Our team has created an efficient work environment that allows them to not just create and execute the project in good time, it also allows for innovation and creation of processes that help us deliver higher value to our clients. The analysis and breakdown of the customer business, competitor work up and all these necessary facets of client project execution are carefully designed to allow our team to deliver maximum value for the client budget.

Tie up with the best available Magento software developers in India and create your dream e-commerce venture without the hassle of the designing and technical aspect of it. Our core strength is the ability to make clients understand the tech aspect of the entire process. We find this to be essential because when the client understands what we are doing and how beneficial it can be to them, it makes the process easier and the end result is a product that is closely understood by the client themselves. To achieve this level of customer satisfaction, you need to have worked with many types of clients-Jayani Infotech has done this for years and the experience we have gained can be put to good use for you.

Best Woocommerce Development Company Bangalore, India

One of the most successful providers of Wordpress plugins and extensions in the market today are Woocommerce. It is a highly customizable platform that can be used for e-commerce portals and has a market share of over 28% today.  It is highly successful and efficient and used all across the world. Since it is highly customizable and able to provide your Wordpress site a new look and feel, it is used a lot by many start-ups and also big brand names.

Woocommerce development is one of the most sought-after Wordpress based platforms today. It requires sound technical expertise, a solid grab on Wordpress plug-ins, how they work, the associated risks that are involved with the platform and regular maintenance. A service provider should be able to sort out all these points effectively for you-Jayani Infotech is that provider for you. We have mastered this platform so that you get the best out of it.

For years, our developers and testers have been consuming the platform and its inner workings. This is essential to understand how it works. It makes the job easier for us and we are able to deliver the best services. To attain the right parameters of a client project, we make it a point to analyze the needs of the customer aggressively and make sure that we are both on the same page. This allows for the faster creation of the platform, lesser stress between us and the client and better results upon execution.

Opencart Web Development Company in Bangalore, India

The most preferred foundation for the online shopping cart today is OpenCart technology. It is created using PHP and is one of the easiest and safest technologies available today for creating and using your shopping cart for e-commerce purposes. We have associated with Opencart Development Services and offer you customized e-commerce platforms that are easy to use and have a usable and efficient search engine. Coupled with secure and unbreakable online payment options, your eCommerce venture will be profitable, safe and exclusive.

Jayani Infotech employs the very best Opencart developers who have certification and have worked within the industry for years. This allows us to provide our clients with the best possible platform. They have exceptional knowledge about the various modules that are involved in the process. We also have designers who specialize in Opencart template creation. They are able to provide you with designs for your website that are eye catchy, memorable, and easy to use.

What we provide you-

  • Set up
  • Opencart customization
  • Payment integration
  • Them design
  • Consultation and support

Professional and Personalized Opencart Development Services

To make it big within the e-commerce industry, you need a balanced platform and the experience of a partner who will help you to leverage and use these platforms. Jayani Infotech has been at the forefront of doing this for multiple customers. We have been able to perform the right actions that help our customers improve and improvise the flow of customers and full fill their journeys hassle free.

Opencart development services offered by Jayani Infotech are designed to maximize the results you get from e-commerce customers. It is important to map their movement to your website so that they get exactly what they want, without having to take the trouble of looking around too much. We are able to visualize the entire journey with you and design the platform in such a way that you get the end results you are looking for. 

Since Opencart can be used for various types of e-commerce sites, it is essential to get into the internal aspects of client requirements. Each and every requirement is different and we treat them that way. It is necessary to do so to attain the right results. They will be able to create any specific extension or feature that is business specific- as per your requirement. Our clients are the testimony to this.

Adding to development and execution, we focus on support and maintenance. This is also a crucial aspect of online business. If you are offline even for a few minutes, you lose out on business and this loss can never be quantified. So, to make sure you do not lose, we have a team of support specialists who monitor and assist you, in the case of a breakdown or coding issue. Our client success depends not just on a fully functional website, but one that is able to bring in business-24/7.


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