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Email Marketing

Top Email Marketing Services Bangalore, India

Email Marketing is one of the biggest and most effective digital marketing tools currently in use. Billions of email addresses exist and billions of emails are sent and received every single day. Email marketing isn’t an easy task today since it requires a whole lot of effort to please and convince the customer. The returns are fabulous as each email sent has an ROI of about $24, one o the highest for any digital marketing tool. This is the reason it is so popular and also why it is difficult.

If you are looking to conduct email marketing for your brand or services, you need to have the strength and back up of a partner who has ample amounts of experience in the field. Email marketing services are plenty to find but you need someone who understands the business as well as you understand yours.

Jayani Infotech is premier email marketing service providers from Bangalore India. We have been assisting many major companies in the country to run their email marketing programs for them, both for subscribers as well as prospects.

Email Marketing Company Bangalore, India

Email marketing requires a lot more than just a list to send to. The right infrastructure, IP, ESP and email content is vital to its success. We have created this environment for our clients and they have been thriving on it. Our email marketing services are currently used by some of the largest FMCG and consumer goods and services companies in India. This is a testament to our strength and prowess when it comes to email marketing. As a capable email marketing company, we will be able to set up and run your email campaigns for extracting leads or customer engagement.

The choice is yours. We have tie-ups with major database providers and also have experienced email marketing professionals who have an in-depth understanding of how the email marketing sector works and what it takes to send emails that convert.

This also with efficient copywriters and HTML designers, we will make sure that your emails are opened, read and responded to. We are always aware of the issues that can pop up with emails such as spam, compliance, and bots so we have created measures that ensure no such nuisances shall inconvenience your brand.

Bulk Email Service Provider Bangalore, India

Sending bulk emails is not as easy as it sounds. It requires a lot of preparations, testing and execution require time and patience. When everything works well, only then we can deploy it. Jayani Infotech has been running multiple bulk email campaigns for many companies for years now and we have been able to extract the maximum benefit from it.        

What do you get from our email marketing services?

  1. Extensive email marketing experience
  2. Infrastructure for safe sending
  3. IP and ESP tie-ups
  4. Database available
  5. All compliance guidelines covered
  6. Capable designers and writers
  7. Result oriented email marketing process

We take pride in the fact that we are one of the few companies today that is able to run and conduct extensive email marketing campaigns and get results for our clients.

Collaborate with us on your email marketing efforts and unlock the true potential of the email with us.

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