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Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising Agency in Bangalore, India

Looking for Facebook advertising agency in Bangalore. You have come to the right place.  The largest social media platform in the world offers a great amount of opportunity when it comes to advertising and revenue generation. With over a billion people using it daily, it has become one of the most popular and successful lead generation platforms used today. The platform itself allows advertisers to run specific and highly targeted campaigns at nominal rates. It is able to produce good results when the campaigns are well designed and targeted efficiently.

Jayani Infotech offers Facebook advertising services that are optimized towards generating social media leads which are hot and ready to convert. We have a specific team that handles all Facebook marketing for clients. Each customer of ours gets an individual social media marketing manager who is designated to run campaigns. They are well versed with the platform and after careful analysis of your brand and its competition, we will advise the type of advertisements you need to run and the amount you need to invest in it. Targeting will be based on the type of product/service, the most probable business/personal title that will respond and also the geographical location is considered.


Facebook Ad Services Bangalore, India

Facebook ads can bring in strong leads when they are created and executed in the right manner. There are many different parameters that need to be considered for the entire operation to be a success. The Jayani Infotech social media campaign managers know exactly what it takes to elicit success from Facebook ad campaigns. It isn’t as easy as putting in money and sending out ads. You need to have a strong core of research to back your plan. Targeting needs you to have a full knowledge of the client business, who is buying, who will buy and why. The ads are then created according to the information that is collected.

Our account managers have vast experience in developing and running full-fledged social media campaigns. Facebook is one of the most sought-after platforms today and we have created a team that is proficient in running campaigns here that bring results not just in the form of leads, but also in the form of branding and awareness. We run branding and awareness campaigns along with lead generation campaigns. The strategies for these are different and unique in their own way.

What you get with our Facebook ad management team

1.Specialized plan specific to your brand

2.Targeted campaigns

3.Lead generation campaigns

4.Branding and awareness campaigns

5.Specifically created ads and copy

6.Paid and free campaigns

There are many ways to leverage the immense reach and potential of Facebook. We run ads that will be viewed and clicked on. The research and the talent that we put into this is will provide you with the desired results at the best possible time.

Whatever be the nature of your business, brand or company, we get into the inner workings of it, to extract the maximum value for it. This allows us to create ads that are optimized for success.

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