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Matrimonial Website Designing

Matrimonial Website Designing Bangalore

The matrimonial business in India is one of its biggest sectors. To take advantage of this massive opportunity, a good matrimonial website is a good option. Jayani Infotech designs and develops highly attractive and commercially viable matrimonial websites for all types of requirements. We have been designing and developing matrimonial websites for various clients and have also been maintaining it for them.

A matrimonial website should be able to provide its users the right type of information and help in categorizing their needs as per their choice. For this, it is important to be smart and create features that are user-friendly. Jayani Infotech has the expertise to provide such features on your matrimonial website.

The design of matrimonial websites has to be done in the right way to engage and connect with all types of users. For this, you need a need team that has the expertise to develop good designs that are not just good to look at but also functional and easy to use. Our team is able to incorporate brilliant designs into your websites that are alluring and functional.

With top class designers and developers working for us, your matrimonial website will become the best in business guaranteed. We add features and options that are unique in the market to allow you to capture attention and users. Our developers are always on the lookout to improve and advance your matrimonial portal into the exclusive club.

Matrimonial Portal by Seasoned Developer

With specialized talent capable of creating amazing templates for your matrimonial site, Jayani Infotech is able to offer top of the line design and features. User-friendly features are an important part of the entire process. It requires a high level of expertise to handle these projects and hence we have a dedicated team that works on it. These team members have ample amounts of experience working with such sites and this experience can be put forth for you.

Here are some of the many features we work on for your matrimonial sites;

1.Profile search

2.Individual logins

3.Search engine ready URLs

4.Advanced search filters

5.Upload horoscope in various formats

6.Super admin login allows for curating

7.Mobile ready

8.Various views based on search results

9.Multiple login options

10.Paid/free logins

11.Messaging system

12.Advanced security with mobile encryption

These are standardized features that we are able to incorporate. The team can take it a lot higher with bespoke features and innovative steps that make the user experience a lot better. Attracting visitors is one thing, keeping them as a subscriber is completely based on how good the website and its features are. 

Partner with us and we will help you create and deliver a powerful and user-friendly experience to prospective brides and grooms and their families find each other through your matrimonial portal.

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