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Social Media Marketing

What does social media marketing do for your brand?

  • Improve brand awareness
  • Create brand ambassadors
  • Increase brand reach and scope
  • Improve lead generation possibilities
  • Improve search friendly properties


The strongest and the most effective way to improve brand presence create ardent followers and improve the scope and reach of your brand is via social media marketing. Some of the largest social media and networking sites have engagement numbers that are simply mind-boggling. Jayani Infotech will tap into this endless reservoir of the social media juggernaut and create engagement and interactions that work out well for your brand.

Optimized and Specialized Social Media Marketing Services in Bangalore, India

Developing and executing a sound and strategic social media marketing plan should take into account the various rules and inner workings of each and every individual platform. They are different and unique in their own ways and your strategy should incorporate this effectively. It is genuinely possible to generate social media leads today but it requires brands to be consistent, engaging and in tune with the needs of the prospects and followers.

A genuinely good strategy is not only able to improve your social media presence, it is able to attract and grow your brand followers. This, in turn, is the best possible way to generate leads. A social media lead generated is considered to be of much higher value than a paid campaign lead-the reason being the highest conversion rate for any type of marketing process.

We are one of the Top Social Media Marketing Company in Bangalore, India

The crossover between social and search is increasing day by day. People are discovering new content on social sites. Search is also based upon the discovery of content. Higher rated bands on social networking sites do have a better chance of being found faster when searched on search engines. The correlation is visible and can be used effectively to ultimately improve your search engine rankings.

A social media marketing company that uses search principles within its planning can be successful in generating good quality content to your website form these platforms. We at Jayani Infotech consider social as one of the most important digital aspects that absolutely needs to be part of any business’s digital marketing plan.


We have created a supergroup of social media experts who will delve deep into the social scene of your sector, size up your competitors and create a plan that incorporates your growth strategy and assists your digital endeavors in scaling newer heights.  

Top rated Social Media Consultant Agency in Bangalore, India

Jayani Infotech will create and launch social media marketing campaigns for you that improve these parameters.

With the dramatic increase in social media, its power to propel relatively unknown brands and entities to global stardom, it is essential to consider and execute social media as an integral part of your digital marketing strategy. Jayani Infotech is will be able to guide your brand through the various different types of platforms and create and deploy content that is specific to each of them.

Results are what matter at the end of the day and Jayani Infotech will be at the forefront of utilizing resources to ensure that your brand gets the visibility it deserves, the leads that convert and the traffic that will help in taking your website to the number one spot on keywords that matter to you.

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