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Search and reader friendly Content marketing services in Bangalore, India

Content is the undisputed king of marketing. Good content gets you the right search results, higher traffic, and legitimate leads. Content needs to be easy to read, have the right format and also contain the right amount of keywords for it to work for your website. Today, with the rapid increase in the number and type of content available, it is necessary to create content that converts. Content creation has become a necessary aspect of digital marketing. This is because search engines are aggressive with penalties when it comes to bad quality content. Once a website gets penalized for bad content, it takes a lot of effort to rework and get back your search rankings.

Jayani Infotech has been in the thick of things when it comes to digital marketing. We truly understand the value good content holds in the market. We have hence been specific about creating and nurturing content talent within our ranks. These content writers aren’t just writers, they are accomplished content marketers. They have been able to create content that sells. With our content help, we will not just make your website readable; we take it to the next level of lead generation.

Affordable and genuine Content marketing agency in Bangalore, India

Our content writers are veterans who know the magic that can be weaved with words. They create content that sits perfectly on your website. Be it product descriptions or landing pages, our writers are able to encapsulate the core business structure of your brand and depict it with their writing. We know that good content is necessary to rank well, but we also understand that keyword stuffing is not exactly the best way to produce good search results.

Effective content should be able to provide the reader with the right type of information in an easy and understandable manner.

The various types of content types we provide you include-

Web content

Landing pages




Case studies

Email campaign content

Social media posts

Sales enablement collaterals

We provide clients with not just online content, but also offline collaterals that can be used for sales enablement and branding activities. Our team is proficient in creating various types of content as per the need of the client. We go through the client brief and understand what exactly will work for them in the current scenario and also recommend the right type of content for desired results. We are able to do this via the vast amounts of experience that we have gained in the field and also through thorough research of the market and competitors.

Optimized and creative content marketing company in Bangalore, India

Jayani Infotech provides you with content that is search optimized already. This is because the writers understand where the text is going to be used and for what. The writing style will reflect that particular need. This preparation and execution are what is in need right now and we are able to provide you with the right content at the right time.

Content optimization is another aspect of the content marketing services we offer. We take your current content and optimize it for search and readability. This needs excellent editing and rewriting skills and we have specific writers and editors who excel at this. They take the brief and convert non performing content assets into high lead generation content pieces.  

We also provide you with content updates as a package. Content needs to be revised and edited periodically so that you are always at the top of your search listings. This needs to be done according to the amount of competition that the keywords have and also the type of business the website is catering to. This is done according to a calendar. We work with clients with long-term goals in mind and do not entertain the idea of quick fixes because the internet does not allow that to happen now. Our content services are designed to deliver the maximum that is possible in the digital marketing realm.

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