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Lead Generation

Lead generation company in Bangalore

Lead generation company in Bangalore. Why not be partner with us. Leads are the lifeline of a company. Everything works towards creating and converting leads, from the marketing team to the sales team. These two teams will definitely be the ones who have the highest amount of activity and also the highest amount of stress. This stress increases when the quality of leads is abysmal and the conversion rate plummets. Search engine marketing is complex because if it is not executed perfectly, the above-mentioned situation is the most likely outcome.

Quality has to be the most important factor when it comes to lead generation. Most times, companies are unable to provide this and resort to a higher number of leads which may look pleasing at first, but it really doesn’t help in generating revenue for the long-term business plan.

Jayani Infotech has been at the forefront of high-quality lead generation for several years now. Our core value is that one good lead is worth a hundred mediocre leads. If you are a business that has similar beliefs, we are the perfect pieces of the equation.

Aggressive and Competent Lead Generation Agency in Bangalore, India

Search marketing demands you put in effort and time to generate good results from it. The same works for lead generation tactics. Jayani Infotech has a group of select lead generation processes that have been streamlined and readied for action. All it requires is the basic keyword research and understanding of the market and competition.

If you have a sound and stable SEO practice in place, you are guaranteed to have a good lead generation process in place too. It is a cause and effect program. There are various processes that can be applied to boost your SEO. In doing so, we generate high quality leads for you-which is the natural conclusion of the process of SEO.

Along with robust and highly efficient SEO practices, we also provide high quality converting landing pages. These are an essential element of the lead generation process. If your landing pages aren’t optimised for closing, then your efforts towards generating leads will be futile.

A high converting landing page will allow you to complete the lead generation cycle successfully, hence ensuring that your ROI on SEO is on the higher side.

Effective Lead Generation Strategies

With the immense increase in competition in the virtual space, in every domain imaginable, it is necessary to plow ahead of the competition in a comprehensive and steady manner. Jayani Infotech has been providing the tools for businesses to navigate the extremely aggressive search based marketing environment. We are an agency that extracts high quality leads only from the cream that is present on the web.

A search engine company that is capable of generating good quality leads is a highly difficult proposition to accomplish. Jayani Infotech has the set of credentials that prove our worth to clients.  

What we offer as a lead generation agency-

  1. Aggressive SEO planning
  2. Systematic deployment of SEO practices
  3. High quality converting landing pages
  4. Lead generation pipeline will be defined for you
  5. Complete management of lead generation process

For incredible results, you need a team that is able to understand your business, how competition works and the type of prospect personas that you are dealing with. This research is important to narrow down to the most likely candidates for conversion. This allows us to smoothly run our lead generation programs that give high quality leads consistently.

Skilled and Precise B2B, B2C Lead Generation

Both B2B and B2C sectors require ample amounts of experience and expertise to crack the code. They are different and unique in their own special ways and it needs a focussed approach to nail success.

We have dedicated PPC and SEO managers who have vast amounts of experience in either of the sectors who can help you in navigating the search landscape efficiently. The thought process for each sector is different and the processes need to be deployed at various levels and intervals. Jayani Infotech has the ability to provide you with skilled expertise in each of these fields and ensure that your business is able to surge along the search highway peacefully and smoothly.  

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