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Search Engine Marketing

PPC Services in Bangalore

Looking for PPC services in Bangalore? We are one of the best ppc management service providers in Bangalore. 

PPC  provides businesses to optimize their offerings online in a brilliant and tactful way. One of the best opportunities provided by search engines is pay per click (PPC) marketing. Here, you choose a keyword of your choice and your advertisement will appear in the search results when someone searches using that particular keyword. You only pay a certain amount previously decided between you and the PPC provider when a qualified lead clicks and lands onto your landing page or website.

Efficient, Economical and Effective PPC

You don’t have to pour in money to get these clicks. Firstly, you only need to pay when the click happens. Secondly, you decide which keyword you want to use. To get the best efficiency from this process, you need a trusted PPC partner to work out the costing and the keyword targeting for you. Jayani Infotech is one of the top-rated PPC service providers in Bangalore, India. We provide bespoke and highly aggressive keyword targeting, coupled with efficient planning that not just considers the short term but is long term.

Best PPC Management Service Provider

PPC campaigns should not be executed for a short time and forgotten. To gain maximum benefits from it, it has to be set up for a longer period of time and should also be managed efficiently. It requires a good amount of sound judgment to be able to run and manage PPC campaigns. Jayani Infotech (a top-rated PPC Agency in Bangalore, India) has been managing and extracting significant success for all its clients for years now. This is due to the fact that we focus on intense keyword research, understanding of your brand and business and also the competition and deploying keywords for PPC that have the highest effect on your business.

Reliable Google AdWords Service Provider

If you are on the lookout for a PPC agency in Bangalore that is reliable and has proven consistency with its clients, Jayani Infotech (top PPC Agency in Bangalore, India) is the perfect choice for you. Be it credible services, innovative methods to extract maximum mileage for your brand or competitive pricing, we have been able to give our clients the best in service- all the time.

With efficient PPC managers who have been handling all types of accounts that are different in size, type, and industry, we have the expertise and the experience to crack the code for you. It takes a consistent and steady approach to manage and extract results from search engine marketing. Long haul business is our specialty and we are the best at what we do. 

Hire Top PPC Agency in Bangalore

Google is undoubtedly the leader in the search engine market and running your PPC campaigns (AdWords) on it is a smart idea. If you are looking for a company with accomplishments with Google ad words, Jayani Infotech is the perfect companion for you. We have been watching, learning, adapting and implementing PPC related campaigns onto Google and have been able to understand with fair reasoning as to how it works and what works for it. This is why it is important for you to collaborate with a service provider who has ample experience with the process and has helped a variety of clients to gain high-quality leads from it.

At Jayani Infotech, we believe in high-quality work and not shortcuts. These will never achieve your results when it truly matters. We are invested in growing your business which we understand is the only way for us to grow. Extracting the maximum from search engines is our mission and you benefit from the amazing experience levels we bring to the table.


Our PPC services include:

  • Display ads
  • Shopping ads
  • Mobile ads
  • Video ads
  • Links ads 

Should you wish to outsource your  PPC service or PPC management, reach out to us. We would be happy to help. 

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