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Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing Company Bangalore, India

One of the most popular social networking site today is Twitter. It is fast, aggressive and immediate. If you are looking to advertise on this platform, you need to be as quick as the platform itself. Tweets aren’t visible for a long duration of time and for this, you need a strategy that allows you to be in front of your prospect, as long as you possibly can.

Jayani Infotech has been delivering leads for the customer via Twitter for quite some time now. We have created, deployed and found success with our strategy and this is why you need to partner with us. It takes time and micro efficiency to perfect this super quick platform. The limitations that are thrown up by the platform are unique and this makes it difficult for companies to advertise effectively here.

A good Twitter strategy doesn’t try to do too many things at once. Consistency is key here. Tweets need to be scheduled and shown to prospects at perfectly the right time. Since it is an international platform, you need to be precise with the targeting based on your geographical interests.

Here are some of the benefits of using our services-

Aggressive plan

Tweets designed to be noticed

ORM included

Conversations started and channeled for lead generation



Jayani Infotech understands the various ways in which Twitter works. We have a plan to include influencers within your brand conversation which increases your reach and impressions dramatically. We understand that just planning for lead generation from Twitter will not give success. It is important to build up a good profile which is followed by people who are of interest to your business. This is the best way to improve connections and start and finish conversations that are meaningful and lead your business towards better ROI.

Competent Twitter Marketing Agency Bangalore, India

The competencies of a good agency do not just lie in giving your leads; it depends on how good the leads are and how fast they are able to deliver it. This is the differentiating factor, especially for Twitter. It is actually easy to get leads on Twitter but the quality is highly questionable. The platform has become so. To counter this, you need to be smart and tactical about lead generation. Jayani Infotech understands the various ways in which spurious and bad quality leads are generated here. We steer clear of it and make a sincere effort to follow and interact with targeted accounts that have been picked after research and consideration.

To derive the best from your social media campaigns, Twitter needs to be an integral part of your process. To do this, partner with Jayani Infotech to ensure that you have a good presence on the platform and are able to generate genuine leads from it.

Best and result oriented Twitter Marketing Services Bangalore, India

Traditional means of lead generation on Twitter have never been able to give suitable results. This is why you need the best Twitter marketing services available from Bangalore India. There are various plans available for Twitter marketing. Choosing and executing the best one needs you to partner with a provider who not only understands your business, but also the platform and how it works. This is the only way you can maximize your returns from here.

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